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Comprehensive Secondary Services

Secondary Services

We offer holistic secondary services to perfect your product after the injection molding process. We're your partner in ensuring every detail meets your exacting standards, all under one roof.

  • Epoxying/light curing

  • Soldering

  • Insert/heat staking

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Pad printing

  • Laser etching

  • Standardized production part approval processes.


Custom-Built Quality

We don't just stop at plastic manufacturing; we custom-build many of our machines, fixtures, and equipment in-house. This dedication maintains high-quality standards and enhances ergonomics and throughput for top-notch results.


Rigorous Inspection

Each production lot undergoes rigorous AQL inspection checks, ensuring the perfect fit, form,

and function.

Assembly Expertise 

From sticker placement to intricate technical assemblies with over 30 piece parts, circuit boards, and sensors, our assembly team ensures every detail is in place. Guided by stringent Quality Management System (QMS) guidelines and ISO certifications, we excel in delivering superior products.


Advanced Techniques

Our processes encompass cutting-edge methods, including epoxying/light curing, soldering, insert/heat staking, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, laser etching, and a standardized production part approval process. Precision and reliability are our trademarks.


Ready to benefit from our unwavering quality standards?

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